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Workshop stop-motion and puppet making

The stop-motion works exactly like the traditional animation where every movement variation is first drawn and then photographed. The difference consists in the use of three-dimensional articulated subjects inserted in real miniature sets, illuminated and managed exactly as in the recovery from the truth. It is a more direct and tangible technique, with a dimensional depth and a strongly material impact. In the past the creation of animations required expensive and complicated equipment while today it’s completely different. Acamera and a computer are sufficient to obtain good results Thanks to the development of digital techniques.

My workshops are structured to teach all the secrets of stop-motion animation through a series of thematic modules. Different levels of difficulty can be combined in a preparatory way to offer a real structured course for those who want to take advantage of the entire route.
The modules can however be attended separately, as each one represents a complete course, for those who want to learn only some techniques or professional systems.

They are intended for people who intend to undertake stop-motion as a professional path, but also for students of Fine Arts Academies, schools of illustration and comics, film-makers who want to use this technique as an expressive medium. Starting from the basics and with a simple, fast and practical teaching method, they can also be frequented by those who have never done anything before and want to try out for simple curiosity, perhaps after having been impressed by the vision of stop-motion movie.

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Stefano Bessoni - Roma

He is graduated in Academy of Fine Arts in Rome.
Since 1989 he has made several experimental films, video installations, performances and documentaries attracting the attention of critics and has received many awards at national and international festivals.
From 1990 to 1998 he worked for several film and television production companies as operator, director of photography and editor.
From 1998 to 2001 he collaborated as an assistant, storyboard artist and digital effect artist with the Italian director Pupi Avati.
From 2000 to 2007 he teached direction at NUCT in Cinecittà.
From 2010-2013 he teached at the Griffith Academy in Rome, where he was the owner of a high specialization course dedicated to visionary and fantastic cinema.
He currently teaches at Ars in Fabula in Macerata (Italy) in the Master of Editorial Illustration and in the Summer School, and in IED Rome Cinema and New Media institute.
He regularly holds many workshops in schools and specialized festivals such as:
Giffoni Film Festival (Salerno - Italy), Future Film Festival (Bologna - Italy), Bologna Children's Book Fair - ExpoPixel (Bologna - Italy), Fantaspoa (Porto Alegre - Brazil), Oi Kabum (Salvador De Bahia - Brazil), Teatro Franco Parenti (Milan - Italy), Estacion Diseño (Granada - Spain), RUFA (Rome - Italy).
He has written and directed many movies and has published many illustrated books.

the cost workshop is € 440 + Iva + € 30 material and insurance
from 5th – 10th june 2018

It is important to confirm as soon as possible - your participation to - the course since places are limited to 15
As confirmation is given for registration, a € 150 deposit is required.
registration form