marionett'art accademia della figura

MarionettArt Accademia della Figura

The Maaf is a structure with aims to train people who want to use the most complex and different techniques of puppetry, puppetry and the whole puppet theater in general; a space where to learn the art of design, construction, manipulation.
It also wants to be a relationship between the people of the puppet theater useful to structure dramaturgically solid and conscious drama, with the contribution of the best teachers and the most important puppet theater professionals.

How born it?
During the various activities of the association, a sensitivity towards active and embryonic disclosure was born during the editions of the "Picture of the Interior" Theater in Figurine, various stages and workshops were held: over time, the bases for a permanent reference point in Italy and Europe, the establishment of a structure whose purpose is to carry forward qualified initiatives concerning training.

Who is training for and how does the training take place?
Two levels of teaching must be distinguished.
The first concerns professional people who already have advanced personal training and operators who already work in various ways: shows, workshops, training;
the second includes young people who want to start by embarking on a structured training path on a professional basis.
In this phase the academy deals with the formation of the first type, through internships and laboratories with a short duration: from two to ten days.
In the near future, in order to tackle basic training, we will set up real annual courses with diversified classes per year.

Where does the activity take place?
The MAAF headquarters is the Centro Teatro del Lavoro located in Pinerolo in the province of Turin; the space includes a 100-seat theater hall, an equipped workshop of 120 square meters above the hall, a guesthouse for 10 people, a bibliographic and video documentation space, a computer lab for graphic processing and video work, and a secretariat.

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