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Sharing the object is a workshop on animation and dance, on the recognition of the physicality of an inanimate object and the physicality of the actor. During the workshop participants will be guided on creating choreographic motifs between the actor and the object / puppet. This technique involves the use of the manipulator body as part of the atmosphere to the puppet and vice versa, exploring space (room, stage) and inspire imagination and creativity.
The aim of this workshop is to create a dynamic dialogue between two (or more) bodies from a brain the interpreter. Duda Paiva has called this technique as "puppet score" The workshop will be taught in English with translation.
Aimed at dancers, physical actors, puppeteers who want to develop a physical dialogue with a "second" body: the object.
The workshop is very physical, so it is not advisable to those with physical problems or lack of training of any kind. Participants can bring their own puppets provided they are made with lightweight material such as foam, papier marche or fabric. Or covers must be puppets of human size.


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Duda Paiva - Brasil

DUDA PAIVA is pioneer of a new conceptual movement that encourages and extends the body language of the actor: combining contemporary dance and classical manipulation of puppets and using movement and voice as narrative tools in a specific choreographic form of two bodies operating under the guidelines of one mind. This concept establishes a deeper connection between the object and the manipulator that creates a poetic and fluid illusion.

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the cost workshop is 600 € + Iva + 10 € insurance
date to be defined

It is important to confirm as soon as possible - your participation to - the course since places are limited to 15
As confirmation is given for registration, a € 150 deposit is required.

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