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MarionettArt Accademia della Figura

What is the MAAF?

Is an Academy for training marionettistica; a place where people learn to build and use more complex techniques of puppetry. A place to learn the art of manipulating, studying to make puppetry performances geared to innovation of this ancient art, without forgetting the importance of tradition; a place where you can find the best instructors and the most important teachers of puppet theatre.

How is born?

In the course of sixteen editions of puppetry festival "Images of the Interior", with many and various internships and workshops. You are so over time consolidated basis for the creation of a permanent point of reference, a structure with the aim to support all initiatives which relate to the training Ground motions from the float.

Where you carry out the activity?

Theatre in the Centre of the Work. Located in the province of Torino-Pinerolo and the space includes a 99-seat theatre, a laboratory equipped to 110 m2, a guest house for 10 persons, area of literature and videos, computer lab for processing graphics and video, voicemail, etc.

How is the training?

At this stage, the Academy is responsible for the formation of the first type, through workshops from short duration: two to ten days. In future, to address the basic training, the project is the Organization of annual courses with real classes.

Who is addressed to the training?

You must distinguish between two General levels of teaching. The first relates to the people who have a drama training and that already operate in various ways: performances, workshops, training. The second is aimed at young people who want to start working in the theatre of figure taking away a structured technical training with professional criteria and with an artistic approach open to a comparison with the most important international experiences.